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1. How do I select a one-way flight?

Using the flights search engine you have two options: either simple journey (One way) or with return (Round trip). Round trip is the default option. If you are interested in a one way journey you will have to select the respective button.

2. Can I make ticket reservations both for domestic and international flights?

Yes, you can select flights from any airport to everywhere in the world.

3. Why can't I find flights for a specific airline I' m interested in?

Using our search engine you can make ticket reservations for most of the airlines in the world. However you cannot book tickets for charter flights, flights operated by specific low cost airlines as well as by companies that don' t have representation in Greece.

4. What is the option +/- 3 days?

Selecting this particular useful option you can find the cheapest flight within a range of 3 days before and 3 days after the dates of departure and return that you have selected. After selecting the price in which you are interested, all the possible combinations of flights which correspond to these dates and this price will be presented.

5. Passenger age groups

During the search procedure, you will have to select the number of passengers who will travel, from each age category. You may include up to 8 passengers per reservation. The categories are the following ones:
- Adults : Passengers 18 years old or older.
- Children : Passengers from 2 to 17 years old. Tickets for unaccompanied children, younger than 17 years old, cannot be booked via internet.
- Infants / Babies (without seat) are considered the passengers up to 2 years old. Every passenger, older than 12 years old, may escort a baby in his arms.
Just keep in mind that some flights do not offer special prices for children and/or babies. In this case you will need to issue an adult ticket for your child and/or infant.

6. Unaccompanied children

In case your children (2-11 y.o.) need to travel unaccompanied, we recommend you to contact us by phone. We cannot issue tickets for unaccompanied children via internet. Some general rules for unaccompanied children are the following ones:
Children older than 5 y.o. can usually travel unaccompanied on a direct flight or on a flight with correspondence (however they cannot fly with the last correspondence flight of the day). The exact age for which this policy applies, varies from airline to airline therefore we strongly recommend that you contact directly the specific airline in order to be further informed. A lot of airlines offer escort service (usually by a flight attendant) for minors travelling alone.
Children under 5 years old, cannot travel unless they are accompanied by an older passenger (who must be usually older than 15 years old).
A lot of airlines may charge an extra fee for the children escort service. The airlines usually need to know who will receive the unaccompanied child and an identity card demonstration is required at the reception of the child. Possible unability of identification card demonstration may cause delay on the procedure, that is why we highly recommend you that you previously consult the specific requirements of each airline. In any case it is essential that you communicate with the airline before booking any ticket for an unaccompanied child.

7. Discounts for infants and children

A lot of airlines offer discounts for infants and children. These discounts may vary depending on the company, the flight and the seat availability.

8. Seat categories

Except Economy Class, a lot of flights offer corporate seats (Business Class) or VIP seats (First Class). Please keep in mind that the following descriptions are general and a lot of airlines may use different terms in order to describe these categories.
Economy Class seat are located in the main cabin of the plane. The price of ticket, the quality of services and the offered comforts are less for economy class passengers compared with other classes. The tickets of economy class have usually many more restrictions regarding the possibility of changes and cancellations. In some cases they are not allowed to be changed and perhaps only taxes will be refunded to passengers in case of cancellation.
Business Class, if available on a flight, usually offers a wider seat for its passengers and more space between the seats. The dinner of business class is better than the one served to passengers of Economy Class. Other services that might be offered are : separate waiting line for check-in, possibility to use the lounge of the airline etc. The Business Class seats are more expensive than the ones on Economy Class but cheaper than First class seats.
First Class seats are at the front part of the aircraft. The seat availability is usually limited. First Class seats are the most comfortable ones in the plane enjoying at the same time the best meals. First Class passengers also enjoy comforts such as separate waiting, for check-in and access to the lounge of the airline. First Class Tickets are not available on all flights and they are always the most expensive ones.